Hello To All The visitors,

 I have recently read a book , which made me completely think in a quiet different way from the day I have been conscious,

You might be thinking what’s that now?
Well I am basically a reader, who tries to be a writer too, so this article is written to share my thoughts about the book which I have read and which made me to actually impelled me to write about it.

Yes there are the books which make you write something about them forcefully.

So here come the things which I want to share with you all. The 48 Laws of Power, written by ROBERT GREENE.

The book basically deals with the power games, now that’s very different from what you play on your computer,

mobile or laptop, or any other video game device, these are the real powers which are within all human being on this planet.

 Wow, isn’t it amazing that you too have
super powers……but unfortunately you don’t know how to use them
(just like those superhero kids in the
Hollywood movies),

 well this book is meant for those people who truly want to use their power and to keep anyone below them.

First of all as the name suggests, this book contains total of 48 laws to use your powers, in this real world, while

interacting with your friends, family, strangers, unknown, and and and the most important point every one wants

to know and learn, that how to tackle with your enemies.
Cool haan!!!

That was just the introduction part, interesting. Isn’t it?

Well for you
my favorite readers….I have jotted down 5 laws from the book I am talking about .

And BANG here are those laws:

1. Never OutShine Your Master:
You dare not to outshine your master, whether he is far far below or lesser than you in talent or qualities, money,

 whatever you say. Just don’t you ever try to outshine him or her, if you are in college/ school, just don’t try to teach your teacher, don not try to tell your boss even unintentionally

that you deserve to be his boss, you remember “
THE BOSS IS ALWAYS RIGHT” quote, that’s really very true.

You would get small and large anecdotes proving each and every law mentioned in the book.

2. Don’t Argue, just Win by your Action:

Well you must have read the quote that ‘don’t argue with a fool, people would become confuse between you two to
recognize the real fool’
blaaaahhhhhh…something like that,

I hope you got my point, just do not try to argue, make sure to do the task and show by your action whatever you want to convey.

That means you should prove yourself right by not arguing but by showing that thing by actually doing it.

If you have ever done so you might remember that how was the feeling when you did so.

Well I feel truly awesome by just keeping my mouth shut and show them what I wanted to say.

Don’t trust your friends too much:

It is always wise to doubt others, even your best friend, well the time is the most unexpected thing God has introduced to the man, it can never be trusted ,

you never know when would your best friends become your best enemies and your very cruel enemy becomes your best friends,

you make sure that you keep your secrets with you, not even to your best friend.

4. Be royal in your own fashion:

You need not to copy others, you should treat yourself as a king if you want that others to treat you as the one.

If you act with lesser gravity then people would not likely respect you as you want them to……hmm what’s that gravity thing, well it is not at all the movie with Sandra, although one of the best movies which you should watch ,

but here it means keeping your attitude the way , people dare not to talk bad to or about you.

5. Speak Less Than Necessary :

It is better to be quiet than to speak rubbish, really , just don’t speak too much it would ruin your image and would make you shallow,

try to speak as less as possible only the words which need to be said.


Ohooo…… but keep grammar in you mind……. Hehehe ..........😆😆😆………… I School(Important words only)… NO No No…
I go to school.Hope you got me.!!!!!

So the above were the things needed to be written and It is completely up to you to buy or not to buy, whether you arrange some pdfs or what but, I prefer reading the real books physically, I mean No softcopy, always Preferable for me is
HARD copy.

Hmmmm Its an era of Digital India ,,,btw… but you cannot mark and turn pages of pdfs, also you cannot keep that ipad on your chest and sleep,

you cannot smell the fragrance of the screen, hmmm… books smell good…..
So better to buy one.

Keep reading and reading….

How to Avoid Petty Things During Exams

                How to Avoid Petty Things During Exams

Hello readers,
How are you guys? Hope you are super fine. Exams are those stones which help you to jump over the next stair of your life. I wrote the last article on the topic –

that how to make a time table for sure shot success. I hope that you guys read it and following it and if not then start this task now.

Exams are the most expected + non-expected things of our life. Expected because we know that we have to face it in our life any time and Un-expected because sometimes life gives us lemon in the form of surprise test.

 I remember few of school days experiences where my teacher gave us surprise tests and we didn’t know the single word of that topic.
The main thing that I am going to tell you that how to avoid petty things?
                                                                                       What does it mean?
                                                                                        Is it helpful?

Petty things
-   Things which are not important to you or less important to you, you can live your life without them, it doesn’t create any problem in your life and YES you can live a happy life without them.

                                                             I have to ask you some questions before telling you the secret to get maximum marks in your exam.

Question- 1) Do you want to crack the exam?
               2) Do you really want to crack the exam?
             3) Does this exam will make any change in your position in the society, class, family, office, in  front of your friends, or in front of your partner?
             4) Are you ready to do some sacrifices for this exam?

Take a copy and pen.
(I know many of you, who read my previous article thinking now that why Harleen always says that take a copy and pen. hahahhahaha ,because I know that when we write something then it will create a solid impression in our mind.)

·       Understand this basic thing that your exam is very important to you.
·       You are ready for some sacrifices like avoiding friends; avoid YouTube, face book, whatsapp, and various social networking sites.

·       Are you guys are thinking that if we avoid all these then who will give us oxygen, how we can breathe.


1) SOCIAL NETWORKING SITES- Yes, you can live without your facebook, whatsapp account.
You can live a healthy life without uploading your new selfies, and yes GOD will not stop your oxygen supply if you can’t check your un-important messages instantly (in which someone was sending non-sense jokes, or sending some rumors).

2) FRIENDS- We all know that who is our true friend and who is not. A true friend can understand your urgency and can wait for some days; for playing games or watching movies or a trip or outing.

But if someone is constantly fighting you over your time that you are not giving him/ her your time that means that he/she is not your friend. They are just good weather friends.

Leave them before they leave you.


3)  Family- No there is no need to leave your family. Just tell them that you are serious about your studies and you can’t give them a lot of time so please stop giving some un-necessary work to me like; for market;

pass me a glass of water; clean the kitchen etc. I know they will understand.

4) VIDEO GAMES- whenever I call my cousins and asked that what were you doing then the answer pops up- video game.

Yes I know that video game is now become a very important part of your life just like your better half, your love but stop it and take divorce.

5) CONSTANTLY CHECKING YOUR PHONE- Stop doing this. Check it at regular intervals like once per hour or twice per 3 hour.

Every time you touch your phone just make a dot on your notebook. It will help you in boosting up and avoiding your phone checking habit.

6) AVOID UN-NECESSARY CALLS- If we know the caller,

then we definitely know him/her, and of course the valuable information too. So avoid it. And I know you can.

7) AVOID TV- I know that it’s not that much hard for you because our online serials and various apps already made us that we can avoid TV very easily. Then try to avoid TV in your phone.


Last but not the least; this is the most important one. Just start prioritizing your each and every thing.

 Like do you really want to go to this party?

Can’t You  live without this party?

Would this party be messed up without you?

Can’t your friends enjoy without you?

Is picking this call that important that you can leave your study in between?

Is it really that important message/notification that you need to check it right now?




Love yourself; respect yourself because you are the most important person of your life.

Originally posted by Harleen Bhardwaj

A perfect time-table for sure shot success.

 A perfect time-table for sure shot success.

Dear readers,
                     Everyone wants success, fame, and name. But the main question is that-

 what is success?
How to achieve it?
How it looks like?
How is the taste?
Is this for me?
Am I capable to find it, feel it and taste it.


You can do anything, you can achieve anything. But the main thing is that what you want? Do you really want this?
In my last article I write about How to motivate yourself? Because motivation is the key of success. If you are in depression, you are not active, just doing rest whole day and night that means you are in depression and for getting success you have to be not only active but even super active.

So First and foremost task is that 1) get rid of your laziness.
                                                              2) Fasten your seat belt.
                                                              3) Because you are going for a trip, which 
                                                                  told You that how to achieve anything in a
                                                                  Limited time period. 

SUCCESS-  A very big word and if it attached with any person’s name , it    makes that person very big, wait-wait not from the weight or height but in his/her field.



1)    Positive attitude
2)    Determination
3)    Faith on yourself
4)    Consistency
5)    Perseverance
6)    The most important one- your aim, your passion. (Please take a single aim at a time).
7)    Healthy atmosphere
8)    Healthy diet.


·        Take a copy and a pen.
·        Write down your aim, that you want to achieve (it may be your promotion, your admission in a concerning college, a dream job or want to change your personality.) on the top.
·        Write down your achieving time (1 month, 6 month, next promotion)
·        Write down your achieving tools like-
Ø Coaching institute
Ø A particular teacher
Ø Updated software
Ø Books
Ø Updated syllabus
Ø Ideal sitting place and many more.

·        Divide your 24 hours in sections. Suppose you want to clear bank exam then divide your day mainly in 5 sections- QUANTITATIVE APTITUDE, REASONING ABILITY, CURRENT AFFAIRS, ENGLISH AND COMPUTER.
Divide your syllabus in what to study and what not to study. and also give mock tests which are the real mirror of your hard work. 

·        Now give daily two hours to your particular single subject.
·        Write down your Eating, bathing, every time in this time table.
And at last

·        Write down your favorite quote of any thinker or writer which helps you in achieving your dream and paste it on your wall or in your diary.

Congratulations you are done with your first basic step of your success ladder. But the more important thing is that follow the time table.
Give respect to yourself by following your time table. Because no one pester you or pressurize you for this time table. It was only your choice so give respect to your choice, respect yourself and love yourself.

It’s very easy to make a time table, but very hard to follow it. So here promise me that you will surely follow it.

Please comment below if you like this article and follow my blog. If you have any query please message below, I will reply you within 12 hours.
Love yourself because you are the most important and valuable person of your life. Have a nice day ahead.

Originally posted by Harleen Bhardwaj.

Stay Motivated

How to motivate yourself when you think that things are not going well or according to you?

Hello readers,
Hope you are doing fine. Recently I met with a friend of mine who was sounding very low. In the starting I didn’t get all these. He was giving very different expressions.

QUESTION - Are you sounding very low, facing weak health, passive mind, not showing much alertness, and irritating behavior, anxiety, general discontent, loss of interest, poor appetite, loss of sleep or the biggest one
Thought Of Suicide.

Are you facing any of these above mentioned symptoms?
If yes, then First and foremost I want to tell you that don’t panic. It’s completely ok if you are feeling above mentioned symptoms.
But yes there is a serious need that you should motivate yourself. To motivate yourself you have to find out those situations which lead you in these circumstances. What happened with you in past or what is going presently that is leading you in this worst case?
Some of the examples are-
1)    Failure in exam
2)    Failure in love
3)    Failure in relationship (any)
4)    Loss of near and dear one
5)    Not getting “me” time
6)    Money crunch
7)    Job problem
8)    Any type of mental or physical abuse
9)    Ambition

I hope that you can familiar your depressing situation from one of the above examples. If yes, then let’s start with some tips through which you can find yourself, the beauty of yourself.
·      Please take a copy and pen. Make a line intersecting equally the page into two parts.
·      Let us suppose that you are feeling problem due to failure in your exam or in your love relationship (in general that are known as breakup) or in your ambition.
·      In the first half of your page writes down why you want that thing, like your boyfriend, or any particular post, or any subject.
·      In the second half write down why you don’t want that.
·      Please take your time. Do this exercise in a room all alone.
·      Early morning is the best time to do this exercise.
·      Try to make at least 5-10 points in each category.
·      Write down each and every thing like if you are feeling family pressure in your goal, e.g.
- You want to be a dancer, but parents are forcing you to be a banker or a teacher.
-You want to study arts in your school but parents are forcing you for taking up medical or at least non-medical side for their so called prestige in the society.
-you want a good healthy relationship with your partner but he is forcing you to get physical with him, or don’t talk with other boys (same applicable over girls also, her over possessive attitude is creating problem in your relationship or money factor.)

·      I hope you guys are done with your points. Now pay attention on each and every word. You got the answer of all your questions.
·      Turn your page and write down a backup plan, like learn dance after school hours, try to change your partner’s attitude, or you can leave him/her. A long discussion with your parents that I want to choose my own career because this about me.

Congratulations you are done with your basic task. Now apply all these things in your real life.
Make a time-table; follow your aim, your passion, and your love because this is about you. You must be important to yourself. You are the most beautiful person of your life that directly means that you must be happy but not by wrong means or wrong doings. If you want your rights then follow your duties and take care of others rights too.

Thank you. Love yourself.
 Hope you like the article. Please do comment if you like this or having any questions, I will reply you within 12 hours.

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A very good day to all of you. Hope you guyz are doing fine. Many students asked me to write down my interview experiences. I am going write here few of them.
This post is especially of my Syndicate Bank PO PGDBF Exam GD and Interview experience. For any help and query please do comment. I will do reply as soon as possible.
1)      Syndicate PO PGDBF EXAM- Single Phase
2)      Result of written examination
3)      Call Letter For GD and Interview
4)      You are at the venue.
So let us assume that you have already qualified for the final stage.
Ready for the final and the most important process.
         A) Documentation
         B) Group Discussion
         C) Interview
A)     i)  10, 12th mark sheet
ii) Graduation mark sheets semester-wise and Degree
               iii) Caste certificate
               iv) NOC from your company
               v) extra- curricular activities certificate
              vi)  Application form copy
              vii) Interview call letter copy
B) Group Discussion-they will make your group (at least 7-10 persons in one group)
      Topic- i) should there be any retirement age for politicians?
              ii) Is India is ready for cyber attacks?
              iii) Cryptocurrency
              iv)  What you choose corrupt and efficient leader v/s honest and inefficient leader?
             v) Digitalisation  etc.
Rules- i) They will Give you the topic.
            ii) two minutes to write your points.(Provide you pad and pen)
            iii) two min. to each individual to say his/her views
            iv) Open discussion = don’t make it sabji mandi, (paanch ka do , paanch ka do and then one of                                                  your group member will start saying Paanch ka teen.)
Total time taken   15-20 minutes.
          - Mine topic was about politician’s retirement age.  And I was against the retirement age.                       Although 7 out of 9 group member was in favour of the retirement age but I choose different               than others.     
             (Try to say new points, and something different from others.) 
Venue- Sarojini house Delhi


Panel- 6-7 members (with one lady panelist)
               (let’s assume them P1-P6)
P1- Around 55-58 yrs old , smiling face, not much asking
        (Sitting on the right most corner)
P2- retired person, very smiling face, if like the answer then appreciate also, intelligent one.
P3 - 45-50 years old (having high post in syndicate bank) prefer English, not smiling, serious one,              asking dangerous questions, basic of the basic.
P4- (lady)- mid 30s, smiling face, asking about banking, personal things.
P5- Simple, sober, not asking much, paying attention to personality.
P6- Youngest one, asking about introduction and why banking.

I entered the room with a smiling face, wished all the panelists, asked me to sit.

P6- Introduce yourself
P5 – why banking?
P4-  tell me any 5 female name who are entrepreneurs or leading their company.
P3-  Tell me about some government schemes.
P4- Jan dhan yojana and atal pension yojana difference
P1 – Difference between DD and Cheque.
P5 – financial inclusion
P2 – my subject basics, international relations questions, diplomacy, war.
P3 – Impeachment of the CJI , procedure and why?
          And So many questions on banking.
          My interview went around 18-20 minutes.
          They asked me ok, you may leave.
          I Wished them again.
Tips-    i) Always have a smiling face.
                  ii) Good communication skill is must.( Don’t use mix language . use either English or                                                                                                                                                   Hindi)
                  iii) Prepare basics of banking.
                  iv)  Prepare basics of your subject.
                  v) you need a Calm attitude .
                  vi) Carefully listen the questions and then give your answers.

Tips for GD-
1)      Pay attention to your given topic.
2)      Think about it for 20 seconds in both ways –positive and negative
3)      No need to initiate the GD , if you have good points and fully confident then you may initiate.
4)      Be the leader of the group, calm others.
5)      Do not cut the others conversation.
6)      Ask question if you feel so.
7)      Do not look to your judges.
8)      Be yourself, no need to use hi-fi language and give special expressions.

Practice GD and Interview by standing in front of the mirror. Prepare the basic questions like your introduction, why you choose particular bank over others.

Good luck and have a great interview ahead. Stay healthy and love yourself because if you don’t love yourself then who will be.

Originally posted by - Harleen Bhardwaj.
Please do comment if you like it or for any query.



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