A perfect time-table for sure shot success.

 A perfect time-table for sure shot success.

Dear readers,
                     Everyone wants success, fame, and name. But the main question is that-

 what is success?
How to achieve it?
How it looks like?
How is the taste?
Is this for me?
Am I capable to find it, feel it and taste it.


You can do anything, you can achieve anything. But the main thing is that what you want? Do you really want this?
In my last article I write about How to motivate yourself? Because motivation is the key of success. If you are in depression, you are not active, just doing rest whole day and night that means you are in depression and for getting success you have to be not only active but even super active.

So First and foremost task is that 1) get rid of your laziness.
                                                              2) Fasten your seat belt.
                                                              3) Because you are going for a trip, which 
                                                                  told You that how to achieve anything in a
                                                                  Limited time period. 

SUCCESS-  A very big word and if it attached with any person’s name , it    makes that person very big, wait-wait not from the weight or height but in his/her field.



1)    Positive attitude
2)    Determination
3)    Faith on yourself
4)    Consistency
5)    Perseverance
6)    The most important one- your aim, your passion. (Please take a single aim at a time).
7)    Healthy atmosphere
8)    Healthy diet.


·        Take a copy and a pen.
·        Write down your aim, that you want to achieve (it may be your promotion, your admission in a concerning college, a dream job or want to change your personality.) on the top.
·        Write down your achieving time (1 month, 6 month, next promotion)
·        Write down your achieving tools like-
Ø Coaching institute
Ø A particular teacher
Ø Updated software
Ø Books
Ø Updated syllabus
Ø Ideal sitting place and many more.

·        Divide your 24 hours in sections. Suppose you want to clear bank exam then divide your day mainly in 5 sections- QUANTITATIVE APTITUDE, REASONING ABILITY, CURRENT AFFAIRS, ENGLISH AND COMPUTER.
Divide your syllabus in what to study and what not to study. and also give mock tests which are the real mirror of your hard work. 

·        Now give daily two hours to your particular single subject.
·        Write down your Eating, bathing, every time in this time table.
And at last

·        Write down your favorite quote of any thinker or writer which helps you in achieving your dream and paste it on your wall or in your diary.

Congratulations you are done with your first basic step of your success ladder. But the more important thing is that follow the time table.
Give respect to yourself by following your time table. Because no one pester you or pressurize you for this time table. It was only your choice so give respect to your choice, respect yourself and love yourself.

It’s very easy to make a time table, but very hard to follow it. So here promise me that you will surely follow it.

Please comment below if you like this article and follow my blog. If you have any query please message below, I will reply you within 12 hours.
Love yourself because you are the most important and valuable person of your life. Have a nice day ahead.

Originally posted by Harleen Bhardwaj.

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