They knew each other since previous stoppage. He had a pen and a paper, was looking at his watch every 5 minutes. Some numbers and equations, he was trying to find the value of x it seemed.

The window was open so now and then the paper flied to her lap.

Once she tried to read the equation. He gave her an inclined smile. She ignored and handed him the paper.

She was looking at his way of solving the sum, she told him to divide 
first, very slowly trying not to show him the maths teacher image of hers.

He didn’t as he clearly remembered the last time he had solved the same type of sum by the same method he was trying then. He tried again and again but no help, wrong answer.

She tried once again to tell him about BODMAS rule.
He ignored but worried, it was his exam, and at the eleventh hour he was not able to solve this tiny sum.

He put one of his hands into his pocket, took out a paper with a question and solution. She too saw the paper. She gave him a look of “see I told you”.

He laughed and she smiled. Bus stopped she smiled and went. He looked at her calmly, she wore light blue saree, flat sandals.

When she tugged her silky hair back ear by fingers, he saw a ring. He couldn’t notice her when she was next to him whether she put sindoor or not.

She turned and smiled, he saw sindoor then. He laughed again. She had been left...and he had been lost.

Originally posted BY - SADHANA DEVI CHAUHAN
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