Human beings are unique in many ways, either because of their creation or actions. One among the lots of matchless qualities is their "memory power".

Humans create memories sometimes consciously and strong whereas sometimes automatically.

A person can remember some of the very beautiful moments of life, like one can recall how his/her mother used to make him/her ready for school and give them water bottle and handkerchief just before saying bye and leavi
ng for the school,

like those days when someone’s father helped in cycling and studying maths, fighting with siblings following by saying sorry sometimes or sometimes by just going to bed at night and start playing in the morning again like nothing happened.

The last bench of some class where teacher came and slapped both of the "back-benchers" because of their disturbances during class.

One girl’s crying for she wanted to had the non-veg curry brought in the lunchbox but couldn’t because some naughty boys scared her not to eat non-veg at school else the principal will punish her.

Crush on teachers. Some hit and trail praise in oral tests. Apart from the things which have been very important part of life, people make memories of lots of irrelevant and blurred things also.

One can recall the person sitting to the next seat in the bus travelling from one stoppage to the other.

Some person who was in the queue when you were buying tickets and counting coins.

Nothing to do with the rikshawala, who dropped me to the metro-station but still the scene, is seen.

A beggar with a bowl on his hands singing some Dohas of Kabeer “Maati kahe kumbhaar se tu kya roundhe mohe, ek din aisa aayega jab mai raundhungi tohe..” and a man who gave him Rs.10 note while a woman told him to go away for that she had no

 Kids going to school among them the youngest one crying…etc all these may have happened at some point of time, many of them were of long duration and many of just few moments…

they just become a complete group of memories.
Sometime we keep the co-related memories together and the rests also but scattered.
There is no predefined method and sequence through which we can remember or ignore them,

in fact the more we try to forget the more we remember, strange but fact.

Originally posted BY - SADHANA DEVI CHAUHAN
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