It was the day I had a preliminary test of banking. I took a bus from Rohtak bus depot for Bhiwani, as I had got my exam center in the route.

At the time I boarded the bus, the conductor told me to drop wherever I wished to, and I sat inside just behind the driver so that I could tell him where to stop.

I paid for tickets and asked the driver to drop me around 3Km after
Kallanaur bus depot. 

He was driving, listened to me and making a disastrous face replied “Bus Kallanaur se aage agli gaon mein hi rukegy”(The bus will stop only at the next village after Kallanaur bus stand).

I tried to request him by mentioning that I had my test. Before I could finish my last word the driver said “Toh hum kay karien?” 😞😠😠😠 (So what? That’s none of my business).

Well that was all for me to keep the mouth shut. Surprisingly once he stopped the bus to make some people board inside before the depot, I was not in a mood to argue with that man.

Just before the bust-stand a man asked him to stop and the driver refused him too, a small quarrel took place in between them but the driver was so stubborn.

Finally the bus reached the depot I took an auto and reached the center on time.

There are a few polite ways of refusing I think, but people have hardly any skill to use them sometimes.......aage aur hai....

(You may find it funny) 😉😃😄

The patients are those who could be treated sometimes even with a few consoling words careful behavior.

Once I was watching a scene in a movie with a girl on a bed at a hospital, she was about to die and her family members were wailing next to her, a nurse and a doctor came to console the family members,

he said “You don’t have much time now you can talk to each other and make these few moments very vital, make her happy”.

I paused the movie there and laughed a lot told my roommate if that would have been a government doctor word might be “chalo chalo jaldi karo time nahi hai aur bhi patients hain line pe ye marne hi wali hai, ghar le jao.”😁😁 (Make it fast don’t have enough time and more patients are in the queue, she is about to die take her home).

Well that was just my imagination, but yes in reality I have been scolded by some “govt” doctors for no reason,

I might be making a mistake, probably they might have taunted me for getting sick, or may be because I went to see them, latter reason seems relevant.

Sorry If I exaggerated but that’s a bitter truth. Staffs of the government hospitals should go by some kind of psychological training to behave carefully and in a responsible manner with the patients and their relatives.

There are a lot of irritating experiences; the above are just two of them.

I think people choose by themselves what to do as a profession, especially those who are in government “service”.

I remember the speech of our respected Prime Minister on the occasion of the Republic Day that those who work in some private companies they just do their own job, whereas those who are employee in any government sectors they are called

“Government Servants” because they serve the public. Yes of course being employed in government sector is a reputation in itself with a huge salary;

at least for a kind of person like me who hails from Chhattisgarh trying to secure a place in the same sector for serving people.

I am puzzled as how the drivers of private bus make place to sit and the conductors take care of the space to stand and private practicing doctors talk so softly to their patients,

may be for their handsome fees or salary but at the same time I think in another way that--

Aren’t the government employees not getting the enough salaries, what they want or deserve?

if not, then why don’t they leave and if yes, then why don’t they really convey their true “Service”?

Originally posted BY - SADHANA DEVI CHAUHAN
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