I am not a kind of person who takes medicines when they feel infirmity, actually I hate "tablets, capsules"...I can take syrup,can gulp tonic only for the sake of doctor's advice..!!! wait wait wait.....I love Injections..


On that day also I was not at all in a mood to take medicines, although was so sick that people could feel my illness. But if you share room with anyone you have to think about their comfort and problems too, especially when they are so caring that you cannot ignore.

That evening was too bad my health was getting worse, weather also hot enough to make me cry. She told me to take my medicines which were kept in a medium sized carry bag.... 😠😐😓😓😓😓 .....probably that was the reason too behind my refusal of taking them as I thought I would have to finish that big sack of tablets..


As she observed I was not ready at any cost, she started to explain me some BIG things about medicines and diseases.
She started- "Look dear we got fever or any health problem because of some bacteria and viruses, we should complete the course for proper treatment".. I again shook my head..then
She told me to leave the room or take medicines because she was so tensed and disturbed because of my health as she was not able to study properly......Story over...!!!!.

Nope....Too long story...... 😞😜😞😜 actually ..... She continued- "bacteria start to become weak when the treatment starts and also perish... but daily dose should be completed....without any gap...regularly, because bacteria are so wicked once you stop your medicine they start to grow again and when you again start taking the same medicines they change their face and the same old medicines could not recognize them..that's why doctors changes medicines when you see him again for the same problem twice."
I don't know whether it was just any trick to make me take those bitter tablets or something like this really happens .....😜😜😜

..but perhaps she was right ...after all she explained so thoroughly... and guess what????? I took those TABLETS ...yuck yuck..... ultimately her short (yeah not power-point presentation) PRESENTATION on "The Relation Between Bacteria And Tablets...😊😊😊😃😃😃😃." convinced me.!!!😂😁😂😁
Don't know whether you understood or not but I was actually "BRAIN-WASHED".. hehehehe..

Whatever, I feel so good remembering those days..I feel good remembering her, I thank her for her way of caring and loving :) 😊😊😊
......No No.. I still don't take tablets voluntarily...yuck..😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈 Thankyou Anupama Sumit Jain

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