Not always but sometimes we just start acting and stop. We try to keep quiet and suddenly start talking or laughing a loud.

We enter into any room for something and come back without that thing. We meet new people and try not to be friendly.

We have our
favorite things like shoes or shirt or pen which we refuse to give anybody but then suddenly we decide to give without much effort of the person wanting.

We want something sometimes and when we
 get the same we easily we realize that thing very less valuable and sometimes waste.

We make plan for weeks and months to visit some place but drop the plan.

We make imaginations of meeting some old friend and doing this and that but when we meet just nothing even to say.

We try not to be seen in few public places but want to be noticed in few spots.

We write and hide and want that written thing to be read. Not always but sometimes we show more courage when we really are scared a lot.

We make mistakes knowingly and we do good unknowingly. We make kids cry and also we make kids laugh.

We show anger to our dear ones and we show etiquette to strangers.
Not always but sometimes we act as we really are.

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Originally posted By Sadhana Devi Chauhan

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