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How to motivate yourself when you think that things are not going well or according to you?

Hello readers,
Hope you are doing fine. Recently I met with a friend of mine who was sounding very low. In the starting I didn’t get all these. He was giving very different expressions.

QUESTION - Are you sounding very low, facing weak health, passive mind, not showing much alertness, and irritating behavior, anxiety, general discontent, loss of interest, poor appetite, loss of sleep or the biggest one
Thought Of Suicide.

Are you facing any of these above mentioned symptoms?
If yes, then First and foremost I want to tell you that don’t panic. It’s completely ok if you are feeling above mentioned symptoms.
But yes there is a serious need that you should motivate yourself. To motivate yourself you have to find out those situations which lead you in these circumstances. What happened with you in past or what is going presently that is leading you in this worst case?
Some of the examples are-
1)    Failure in exam
2)    Failure in love
3)    Failure in relationship (any)
4)    Loss of near and dear one
5)    Not getting “me” time
6)    Money crunch
7)    Job problem
8)    Any type of mental or physical abuse
9)    Ambition

I hope that you can familiar your depressing situation from one of the above examples. If yes, then let’s start with some tips through which you can find yourself, the beauty of yourself.
·      Please take a copy and pen. Make a line intersecting equally the page into two parts.
·      Let us suppose that you are feeling problem due to failure in your exam or in your love relationship (in general that are known as breakup) or in your ambition.
·      In the first half of your page writes down why you want that thing, like your boyfriend, or any particular post, or any subject.
·      In the second half write down why you don’t want that.
·      Please take your time. Do this exercise in a room all alone.
·      Early morning is the best time to do this exercise.
·      Try to make at least 5-10 points in each category.
·      Write down each and every thing like if you are feeling family pressure in your goal, e.g.
- You want to be a dancer, but parents are forcing you to be a banker or a teacher.
-You want to study arts in your school but parents are forcing you for taking up medical or at least non-medical side for their so called prestige in the society.
-you want a good healthy relationship with your partner but he is forcing you to get physical with him, or don’t talk with other boys (same applicable over girls also, her over possessive attitude is creating problem in your relationship or money factor.)

·      I hope you guys are done with your points. Now pay attention on each and every word. You got the answer of all your questions.
·      Turn your page and write down a backup plan, like learn dance after school hours, try to change your partner’s attitude, or you can leave him/her. A long discussion with your parents that I want to choose my own career because this about me.

Congratulations you are done with your basic task. Now apply all these things in your real life.
Make a time-table; follow your aim, your passion, and your love because this is about you. You must be important to yourself. You are the most beautiful person of your life that directly means that you must be happy but not by wrong means or wrong doings. If you want your rights then follow your duties and take care of others rights too.

Thank you. Love yourself.
 Hope you like the article. Please do comment if you like this or having any questions, I will reply you within 12 hours.

Originally posted by Harleen Bhardwaj.

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