A very good day to all of you. Hope you guyz are doing fine. Many students asked me to write down my interview experiences. I am going write here few of them.
This post is especially of my Syndicate Bank PO PGDBF Exam GD and Interview experience. For any help and query please do comment. I will do reply as soon as possible.
1)      Syndicate PO PGDBF EXAM- Single Phase
2)      Result of written examination
3)      Call Letter For GD and Interview
4)      You are at the venue.
So let us assume that you have already qualified for the final stage.
Ready for the final and the most important process.
         A) Documentation
         B) Group Discussion
         C) Interview
A)     i)  10, 12th mark sheet
ii) Graduation mark sheets semester-wise and Degree
               iii) Caste certificate
               iv) NOC from your company
               v) extra- curricular activities certificate
              vi)  Application form copy
              vii) Interview call letter copy
B) Group Discussion-they will make your group (at least 7-10 persons in one group)
      Topic- i) should there be any retirement age for politicians?
              ii) Is India is ready for cyber attacks?
              iii) Cryptocurrency
              iv)  What you choose corrupt and efficient leader v/s honest and inefficient leader?
             v) Digitalisation  etc.
Rules- i) They will Give you the topic.
            ii) two minutes to write your points.(Provide you pad and pen)
            iii) two min. to each individual to say his/her views
            iv) Open discussion = don’t make it sabji mandi, (paanch ka do , paanch ka do and then one of                                                  your group member will start saying Paanch ka teen.)
Total time taken   15-20 minutes.
          - Mine topic was about politician’s retirement age.  And I was against the retirement age.                       Although 7 out of 9 group member was in favour of the retirement age but I choose different               than others.     
             (Try to say new points, and something different from others.) 
Venue- Sarojini house Delhi


Panel- 6-7 members (with one lady panelist)
               (let’s assume them P1-P6)
P1- Around 55-58 yrs old , smiling face, not much asking
        (Sitting on the right most corner)
P2- retired person, very smiling face, if like the answer then appreciate also, intelligent one.
P3 - 45-50 years old (having high post in syndicate bank) prefer English, not smiling, serious one,              asking dangerous questions, basic of the basic.
P4- (lady)- mid 30s, smiling face, asking about banking, personal things.
P5- Simple, sober, not asking much, paying attention to personality.
P6- Youngest one, asking about introduction and why banking.

I entered the room with a smiling face, wished all the panelists, asked me to sit.

P6- Introduce yourself
P5 – why banking?
P4-  tell me any 5 female name who are entrepreneurs or leading their company.
P3-  Tell me about some government schemes.
P4- Jan dhan yojana and atal pension yojana difference
P1 – Difference between DD and Cheque.
P5 – financial inclusion
P2 – my subject basics, international relations questions, diplomacy, war.
P3 – Impeachment of the CJI , procedure and why?
          And So many questions on banking.
          My interview went around 18-20 minutes.
          They asked me ok, you may leave.
          I Wished them again.
Tips-    i) Always have a smiling face.
                  ii) Good communication skill is must.( Don’t use mix language . use either English or                                                                                                                                                   Hindi)
                  iii) Prepare basics of banking.
                  iv)  Prepare basics of your subject.
                  v) you need a Calm attitude .
                  vi) Carefully listen the questions and then give your answers.

Tips for GD-
1)      Pay attention to your given topic.
2)      Think about it for 20 seconds in both ways –positive and negative
3)      No need to initiate the GD , if you have good points and fully confident then you may initiate.
4)      Be the leader of the group, calm others.
5)      Do not cut the others conversation.
6)      Ask question if you feel so.
7)      Do not look to your judges.
8)      Be yourself, no need to use hi-fi language and give special expressions.

Practice GD and Interview by standing in front of the mirror. Prepare the basic questions like your introduction, why you choose particular bank over others.

Good luck and have a great interview ahead. Stay healthy and love yourself because if you don’t love yourself then who will be.

Originally posted by - Harleen Bhardwaj.
Please do comment if you like it or for any query.

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