They met in a wedding.
The girl: Bold from voice, simple from clothing, violent by her acts, good in understanding.Wore the pink coloured patiala suit in the wedding. It was her friend's sister's wedding.
The boy: sweet from voice, handsome from looks, polite from his acts, super cool from his behavior.
                Wore some light coloured shirt and denim jeans. A woolen cap on his head(winter season).

Phone rang, girl pick up the phone ,it was 7:30 pm and heard a voice,very familiar but shouting one. That was her friend who was complaining about her absence, "where are you? Why are you not here? Come fast. We are waiting for you in the car." ( friend+ bride) . Girl said that she is in the train and said sorry again and again for not making it. But her friend was very firm she said ,"okh I am coming at the station.We will pick you up from there". She cut the phone and dialed the number of her father and ask about the same and got the positive reply.
8:00 pm ,they all reached the wedding house, very beautifully decorated, aura of positivism, sweetness of sweets. And suddenly her friend introduced her from his cousin. THAT was him. After that she introduced her with her uncle, who was coming from political background and by knowing that the girl is studying politics and preparing for the competitive exams he started talking about politics, the major party system in India, who is going to win the next election and blah. As I told you earlier she is bold she started debating and slowly slowly so many relatives joined them and started a mini parliament. There the girl and boy shared the same views ( the first positive interaction).
After some time all move towards to have dinner. She noticed that he was bald and not talking much with other peoples and all was looking at him with sympathy and consoling him. She goes near to him and ask about his bald head (and said this is not summer, why are you bald).
 He laughed a little and said this all is about his father, he is no more and died just 23 days ago. It was a shock to her that she shouldn't ask him about all this and said sorry to him.. But he said "its good that you asked about it, and made me smile because I was not talking and smiling with people after that incident."
Fast forward - They became friends but the boy was hiding some other feelings for her. That she wants to propose her for wedding, to live rest of the life together.

He proposed, the girl said No.
But why NO. They were in touch from last 2 years just after the wedding. Talking with each other knew each-other better, liked each other , then WHY NO?

DREAMS- Here comes the dream in between them. The dream of that girl ,the principles, the emotions, the desperate feeling to clear her exam and get her dream job for which she was studying so hard ,left all the facilities and start leaving in a small rent room. The dream who was not letting her to sleep, the dream that was the actual love of that girl.
And she left him. Although they look great together, he was very helping and told her again and again that after marriage you will not get any complication.
But what IF (any complication come).    THIS "What If" stopped her.

END OF THE STORY : They are living happily. Who? The boy and his wife. Ha ha ha.😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁

Hey wait What about that girl? She is at her office now, more happier than ever before,she found her real love, her real thing, her real life, and giving time to THE TIME to fetch her another love,as they always say love always finds you, with whom she would share her dream and her life...................

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  1. Nicely Narrated...although story ends in a second ...




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