Hello To All The visitors,

 I have recently read a book , which made me completely think in a quiet different way from the day I have been conscious,

You might be thinking what’s that now?
Well I am basically a reader, who tries to be a writer too, so this article is written to share my thoughts about the book which I have read and which made me to actually impelled me to write about it.

Yes there are the books which make you write something about them forcefully.

So here come the things which I want to share with you all. The 48 Laws of Power, written by ROBERT GREENE.

The book basically deals with the power games, now that’s very different from what you play on your computer,

mobile or laptop, or any other video game device, these are the real powers which are within all human being on this planet.

 Wow, isn’t it amazing that you too have
super powers……but unfortunately you don’t know how to use them
(just like those superhero kids in the
Hollywood movies),

 well this book is meant for those people who truly want to use their power and to keep anyone below them.

First of all as the name suggests, this book contains total of 48 laws to use your powers, in this real world, while

interacting with your friends, family, strangers, unknown, and and and the most important point every one wants

to know and learn, that how to tackle with your enemies.
Cool haan!!!

That was just the introduction part, interesting. Isn’t it?

Well for you
my favorite readers….I have jotted down 5 laws from the book I am talking about .

And BANG here are those laws:

1. Never OutShine Your Master:
You dare not to outshine your master, whether he is far far below or lesser than you in talent or qualities, money,

 whatever you say. Just don’t you ever try to outshine him or her, if you are in college/ school, just don’t try to teach your teacher, don not try to tell your boss even unintentionally

that you deserve to be his boss, you remember “
THE BOSS IS ALWAYS RIGHT” quote, that’s really very true.

You would get small and large anecdotes proving each and every law mentioned in the book.

2. Don’t Argue, just Win by your Action:

Well you must have read the quote that ‘don’t argue with a fool, people would become confuse between you two to
recognize the real fool’
blaaaahhhhhh…something like that,

I hope you got my point, just do not try to argue, make sure to do the task and show by your action whatever you want to convey.

That means you should prove yourself right by not arguing but by showing that thing by actually doing it.

If you have ever done so you might remember that how was the feeling when you did so.

Well I feel truly awesome by just keeping my mouth shut and show them what I wanted to say.

Don’t trust your friends too much:

It is always wise to doubt others, even your best friend, well the time is the most unexpected thing God has introduced to the man, it can never be trusted ,

you never know when would your best friends become your best enemies and your very cruel enemy becomes your best friends,

you make sure that you keep your secrets with you, not even to your best friend.

4. Be royal in your own fashion:

You need not to copy others, you should treat yourself as a king if you want that others to treat you as the one.

If you act with lesser gravity then people would not likely respect you as you want them to……hmm what’s that gravity thing, well it is not at all the movie with Sandra, although one of the best movies which you should watch ,

but here it means keeping your attitude the way , people dare not to talk bad to or about you.

5. Speak Less Than Necessary :

It is better to be quiet than to speak rubbish, really , just don’t speak too much it would ruin your image and would make you shallow,

try to speak as less as possible only the words which need to be said.


Ohooo…… but keep grammar in you mind……. Hehehe ..........😆😆😆………… I School(Important words only)… NO No No…
I go to school.Hope you got me.!!!!!

So the above were the things needed to be written and It is completely up to you to buy or not to buy, whether you arrange some pdfs or what but, I prefer reading the real books physically, I mean No softcopy, always Preferable for me is
HARD copy.

Hmmmm Its an era of Digital India ,,,btw… but you cannot mark and turn pages of pdfs, also you cannot keep that ipad on your chest and sleep,

you cannot smell the fragrance of the screen, hmmm… books smell good…..
So better to buy one.

Keep reading and reading….



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